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Eyeshield 21

16 years 4 months ago #3584 by venom_boy
Replied by venom_boy on topic Re:Eyeshield 21
dlm bebyk anime yg aku tgk,eyeshield ni paling best dari segi lawaknya...mana x nya hiruma jd bos..dgn wataknya,gayanya,stylonya,suaranya..memang ngamlah...agipun crita ni memang kelakar giler..so,sapa x tgk agi..baik p donlot....

16 years 4 months ago #3592 by saru
Replied by saru on topic Re:Eyeshield 21
Klau best bleh la kongsi link direct donlot dia...klau bleh full episod smpai latest...:P
16 years 4 months ago #3594 by gmi
Replied by gmi on topic Re:Eyeshield 21
antara anime yg lawak bg aku , eyeshield 21, yakitate japan . yg terbaru yakitate japan ep 59-60, diorang buat parody naruto. mmg lawak giler. try donlod bagi korang yg tak pernah tgk. character plg ntahapahapantah =kawachi.

naruto: this is my way of ninja!
yakitate japan: this is my way of the bread!

16 years 4 months ago #3603 by venom_boy
Replied by venom_boy on topic Re:Eyeshield 21
saru wrote:

Klau best bleh la kongsi link direct donlot dia...klau bleh full episod smpai latest...:P

nak direct link...blanja aku mkn lepas ni..ni jer aku tau..
www.deimonhigh.com (eps 32--37)..nak donlot manga kat cni oklah..tp ada mis gak..x tau naper..

anime.fansub.tv/series.php/555/Eyeshield%2021/ suma anime ada start dr mula sampai skarang..tp yg x best 1 anime satu ari..donlot pun slow tahap dewa

www.stoptazmo.com ni kena donlot DC++ kat ctu gak..br dpt donlot anime mcm dr user lain kira donlot dr pc user tu teruslah..aku br blajar nak guna DC++ ni..syok....

sapa ada link manga ES21 ni..share skit..eps 134-149,151-164..puas aku cr x dpt..ker memang x der manga ni???;)
16 years 4 months ago #3691 by Akiz
Replied by Akiz on topic Re:Eyeshield 21
Bukan x de laaa...
cuma lambat kuar.....
kalo x silap ako...
setiap jumaat dia akan \"release\" volume baru...
kalo x silap laaaaaaa....
16 years 4 months ago #3696 by gmi
Replied by gmi on topic Re:Eyeshield 21
translation utk ch163 dan 164 ade la. utk raw amik kat irc.

/msg [UR]DAN xdcc send #660
[UR]DAN #660 555x 4.6M Eyeshield_21_163.zip

/msg [UR]DAN xdcc send #661
[UR]DAN #661 575x 5.7M Eyeshield_21_164.zip

nih translation die.

163th Down Translation by ninefly..Thanks to him..

163rd Down: Eyeshield 21
(black text: \"Eyeshield 21\" - a legendary title he has been fighting side by side with. Now, he has to face up to this name!!

Monta: Only 6 points difference now!!
Sanada: With the Bando Spiders in a feeble lead, this match has finally reached the final stage!
Kurita: Now that Musashi\'s back...we can get 7 points with just one more touchdown! This way we can turn the scores around in one play~!!
Hiruma: Kekeke. Victory will be Deimon\'s. \"Kobayakawa Sena\" will definitely defeat you!!

Akaba: Hn. Interesting. You dare to...temporarily remove your eyeshield. Trying to prove you can defeat me? You dare to claim yourself as the true Eyeshield 21.
Sena: ...ha? That\'s not it, I...I\'m sorry, I\'m only using your title, that\'s all right? Akaba-sempai...aren\'t you the real Eyeshield 21?? The one from Notre Dame Academy...
Hiruma: Kekeke, the \"Eyeshield 21\" isn\'t a single person\'s name.

Hiruma: It\'s a tradition in the affiliated High School of the famous Notre Dame Academy for the past 100 years. To give the title to the most capable running back of each generation, this Ace\'s Number!!
Doburoku: He has the guts to claim that kind of title for himself. This is an honor that can\'t be taken for granted...
Sena: Speaking of which, this kind of scary stuff, you\'ve forced me to handle since I was a freshman...exactly what are your intentions...?
Hiruma: Kekekekekeke
Taki: Aha-ha! Then this title is my perfect match!
Hiruma: Kekeke Damn Red-Eyes, you\'ve just suddenly started wearing the eyeshield this year right? Since you\'re the Tokyo MVP, it\'s no surprise that you\'ve claimed the strongest title...

Akaba: Hn...Tokyo MVP? That\'s just a passing honor. Aiming for a popular reputation does not suit my taste in music...but...
flashback Koutarou: Let\'s aim for the Nationals and prove the kick-style team\'s power! Teach those traitors a lesson! Because of this goal...I have to become the strongest kicker!
Akaba: ...Koutarou
Koutarou: What do you want?
Akaba: You and I, our inner tastes in music are not compatible at all...
Koutarou: Who cares about music tastes or whatever...but I completely agree that we\'re not compatible at all!
Akaba: But despite having to advance with the burden that comes with this strong title, you still persevere in fighting for your team to the end. I approve. I will also take up the responsibility for the same kind of burden.

Akaba: Hn. Which means, Sena, I cannot hand over the title of the Eyeshield Ace over to you yet...
Koutarou: Sena! Monta! Musashi!! In these last 10 minutes we\'ll smoothly keep you 6 points short until victory is ours! The ones advancing to the Nationals are us, the Bando Spiders!!
Monta: You\'re completely mistaken! It will be us, the Deimon Devil Bats!!
Kuroki: Uwoh!!

announcer: Ohhhh! Akaba has stolen the short pass that has been thrown off course by the wind!! And now charging down the field!
Kurita: Even catching...
Sena: He\'s even good at that...!
Kumabukuro: This is the skills of the Tokyo MVP. A jack-of-all-trades type, the offensive tight end! His counterpart in Deimon...is Taki!
Kuroki: Mah, there\'s no resemblence...
Taki: Ah, aha-ha, what do you mean!?

announcer: It went in!! Thanks to Koutarou\'s field kick Bando has gained another 3 points!!
Mamori: Ahhh, we\'re down by 9 points.

Sena: An Ace\'s Number only suited to the strongest running back...? The strongest runningback...
Bando Spiders: If we can stop them from advancing, we\'ll win! Prevent them from attacking! Uwoh!!
Sena: I want to shake off Akaba-sempai. What can I do...

Toganou: Uwoh, he\'s stopped!
Monta: Sena!!
Shin: No, it\'s taken care of.
Kakei: He needed his team\'s blocker to arrive before he can accelerate...!!
Taki: Aha-ha! This time I\'ll definitely push you over!

Taki: There\'s no way a blessed genius like me will lose like this. Impossible! See Sena!? I\'ve stopped him! You can go ahead and charge through the opening!!
announcer: This...he\'s avoided the path Akaba\'s Run Force has dictated and broken through the line\'s opening!!

announcer: Ohhh! The run has failed! Both Taki and Sena have been taken down!!
Onihei: No matter what they do, it\'s useless. There\'s no comparing Taki\'s skills to Akaba\'s.
Suzuna: Brother...

Sena: So close! We were so close...Taki. Just a bit more and we could\'ve thrown them off! Let\'s try it a few more times! We\'ll try it over again until it works!!
Taki: Aha-ha. Sena...you...
announcer: Deimon will now initiate a 50yard (46m) field-kick! A coincidence that the kick that Koutarou missed in the last play of the first half was at the exact same distance. Musashi\'s right leg will once again take to the battlefield!

Taki: Aha-ha~~!!
Koutarou: Yosh! He\'s got past Taki! Pressure the kicker!!

annoucer: It...it went in!! Such a close call! Defying the strong wind and the pressure, this is truely a strong blow!!
Kurita: We\'re only 6 points behind again!!

Taki: Why...Impossible. I was supposed to gracefully become a big star. I was supposed to be acknowledged by the best. Yet I...Ever since grade school I\'ve wanted to play American Football. I\'ve dreamt and dreamt. Even though I finally got to play...Now that I think back...it wasn\'t just today, ever since I started playing, I\'ve never truly contributed have I?
Musashi: Hey. Do you know why I can defy the pressure from the opening your opponent made? It\'s because I knew from the start you would be defeated. No matter if it\'s strength, or speed, or experience, you\'re no match for Akaba in any way. You\'re just a regular B-class player. You\'re not blessed by anyone at all.
Kurita: Isn\'t Musashi going a bit far...?
Hiruma: ...Shut up and watch Damn Fatty.

Taki: ...That\'s right. It\'s true. Aha-ha, I finally understand. I\'ve always thought in the past that I was someone special. But, it turns out I\'m not blessed by the Gods. I\'m just a normal person. Then, I\'ll...use my own abilities to defeat the gods!!
(black text: That man has stood up from the ground!!)


164th Down: VS the Top Player

Suzuna: That idiot brother, his expression completely changed...! Such a serious expression- This guy usually performs dramatically just so he

can record all of his performances on his video tape collection...!!
Monta: Ah, I\'ve done it before!
Sena: I\'ve never done it!!
(black text: Has he finally awoken? This self-proclaimed genius!!)

Taki: Aha-ha! Monsieur Akaba! You\'ve awoken my true nature! You\'re in for it now!
Akaba: Monsieur...?
Juri: How come they have an idiot like Koutarou on their team?
Koutarou: Don\'t put us in the same category!
Ha-ha Brothers: I hardly see any change at all!!
Musashi: Don\'t expect to defeat Akaba. You\'re no match for him yet, you\'ve got to admit this fact.

Musashi: I\'ve witnessed someone who had no impressive muscles or natural-born gifts. Someone who would have been crushed when confronted with

spears and guns. Someone who was left with only one way of fighting, and that was to engage in desperate confrontations with the top players.

For so many years, I\'ve witnessed this for these many years. Your opponent is Tokyo MVP Akaba Hayato. No matter if you defeat him or are

defeated, he is still a top player. Being at a disadvantage, you should still have your own way of battle right...!?

164th Down: VS the Top Player
(black text: Not blessed by gods...yet, he loves American Football more than anyone else!! A respectable American Football idiot!!

announcer: The time left is only 1 minute 30 seconds!!
Suzuna: There\'s still a 6 point difference! Ahhh~ the match is almost over!!
Doburoku: Bando is wasting time to taunt us!
Takami: As expected from Akaba. He even controls his timing so precisely...!!

Kurita: Timeout!!
Kakei: That\'s right, Deimon has no choice but to use a timeout to stop the clock and renew their assault. But...
Mamori: We have 0 timeouts left!
Monta: What!?
Akaba: Hn. There\'s only 1 minute 25 seconds left. If we keep this up we can maintain the 6 points difference and deflate the opponent\'s

Bando Spiders: We\'ll enter the Bando Spiders into the Kantou Tournament through our kick-style team...!
Koutarou: Wasting time isn\'t smooth at all! Let\'s score some more points to ensure our advance into the Kantou Tournament!

announcer: Ohhh, it\'s here! The master of \"Lead Block\" Akaba has stopped freshman Taki!! Thus is today\'s Bando\'s Golden Run Partnership!!

Taki: Aha-ha! Haven\'t I already said Monsieur Akaba. This next time I\'ll win...!!
Doburoku: That was a great move! In order to prevent himself from being pushed over...he used the flexibility of his body to evade him!!
Suzuna: Awesome! He\'s flexible!!
Akaba: Damn. He had been an idiotic player who only knew how to resort to pure force before...

announcer: Ahh, as expected of Akaba! He\'s regained composure immediately, and maintained his block!!
Bando Spider with ball: Ugh...
announcer: Ohhhhh! They\'ve been blocked!! Because the running path has been aruptly blocked, Bando\'s block has been stopped!!
Kurita: You were incredible!!
Sena: It was incredible Taki!!
Taki: I\'m...incredible? I\'ve saved Deimon in a...dangerous situation...?

Taki: AHA-HA!! I knew it, I\'ve always said I was a great man! I\'ve definitely been blessed by the gods! I can use my own strength to dictate my

Suzuna: Never praise him or he\'ll turn back to his old self immediately.
Kurita + Sena: Sorry...
Koutarou: No problem. We\'re still very smooth.
Hiruma: ...hey, get over here you.

Koutarou: I\'ll kick the ball right next to the opponent\'s goalline. If Deimon starts their play from there, they\'ll have no time to score a

touchdown...! That way, the match would end!!!
Doburoku: This kick...it\'s...!!
announcer: Koutarou\'s perfected kick has even taken into account the influences of the wind! It\'s heading towards Deimon\'s coffin, their dead


Koutarou: How come Sena has already gotten there...!?
Hiruma: Kekeke, Damn Sideburns, your kicks are so perfected, it\'s almost directly telling us where it\'s going to land!!
Monta: Yosh! Catch MAX! Charge!!
Deimon: Uwoh!!

announcer: Just before the match is to end, the Deimon Devil Bats have use their entire roster to execute their Punt Kick Return!!
Doburoku: Run!!
Mamori: If you\'re stopped there will be no time left!
Akaba: Stop him! If we can stop him...
Bando Spider: Let\'s give it our all to stand up for the strongest kick-style Bando Spiders team!!
Monta: There\'s no way we\'ll be stopped!
Sena: We\'re heading for the Christmas Bowl, how can we let ourselves be stopped here...!!?
Taki: Aha-ha! I don\'t expect to defeat you anymore. But I\'ll use my flexibility to block you from where the ball is...!!

announcer: Ahh! It\'s Akaba\'s Run Force! Sena\'s been surrounded!!
Akaba: Hn...if you use it you will be defeated Sena. Even if you use that 4.2-second sprint, you will collapse right afterwards. I already

know, even if you\'ve already gotten past all of the other players, I will still be able to catch you!
Sena: How can I allow myself to be stopped? Even if I run until my legs break, I won\'t back out. On this road towards the Christmas Bowl, I

will not allow myself to be stopped...!!! Until I reach the goal, I\'ll shake off everyone else, using this speed...!!

Suzuna: Ah! It\'s here, the light-speed sprint!
Doburoku: Finally, he\'s shaken off Akaba!!
Shin: 40 yards (36m) in 4.2 seconds. The world of the speed of light. But this is...

(white text: Defying limits the light-speed sprint...!!)

ep yg xder tuh diorang lom scan lagi kalau x silap aku. pasal dah terlambat kot. nanti2 diorang scan la tu.
16 years 4 months ago #3701 by Akiz
Replied by Akiz on topic Re:Eyeshield 21
kalo mengikut info yg ako dpt....
mungkin volume 17 hingga terbaru lambat kuar...
maksud ako 143-1**....
para penterjemah kurang kakitangan...

harap maklum...

p/s: kalo ako silap, tolong betulkan yer..
16 years 3 months ago #5098 by zoronoa
Replied by zoronoa on topic Re:Eyeshield 21
kalo manga..aku bace kat majalah KREKO je...kat tenet susah tol nak dpt manga die...kalu ade pon,yg lame.pastu ade yg xle donlot...

anime die...aku xbrape tgk sgt...aku lebih suke bace manga die je...
16 years 2 months ago #6799 by cafekuktem
Replied by cafekuktem on topic Re:Eyeshield 21
nak download eye shield kat sini arrr mangahelpers.com :woohoo:
15 years 11 months ago #12346 by guydacosta
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elo elo.. guy nak tanya ni... korang yang tengok anime nie kan..dah sampai mane dh huh? guy punye sampai episod 48 jer... dari dulu x gerak2 pon.. sedey woooo... episod apa yang ter\'latest\' huh.... sapa tau n dari mana nk sedut tu.. tolon tolon tolon....
15 years 9 months ago #15613 by maine
Replied by maine on topic Re:Eyeshield 21
huhuhuhu............watak pling koool mestila hiruma.........
15 years 9 months ago #15696 by maine
Replied by maine on topic Re:Eyeshield 21
aku stuju ngan link venom_boy www.deimonhigh.com cuba ar try.... mmg the best source tuk eyeshield nih....
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